Where is the Western Tidewater Regional Jail Located?
The jail is located in the City of Suffolk at 2402 Godwin Blvd, Suffolk, Virginia - follow this link to a map.
What are the hours for inmate visitation?
The Superintendent provides visiting opportunities for family, friends and professionals according to a published schedule. The Western Tidewater Regional Jail encourages inmates to maintain ties with their families and friends through regular visitation. Follow this link for the schedule.

How can I place money on an inmate's account?
A canteen service is available for inmate's to obtain required health and comfort items. Canteen is normally ordered on Tuesday with delivery occurring on Thursday each week. This schedule may change due to holidays or inclement weather. Follow this link for further instructions.

Is it true there is a charge for an inmate to receive medical care?
Medical care will be provided for medical problems, which may occur during confinement. Medial staff is on duty 24 hours per day to address any medical problems. The Western Tidewater Regional Jail does have a medical co-payment program. Inmates who request medical services must pay a portion of the cost of those services as they would if they were not incarcerated. Follow this link for further information.
Who can I speak to if there is a death in the family of an inmate?
Messages concerning death or serious illness will be given to the Watch Commander who will deliver the message to the inmate after verifying the message. Jail Staff will not be obligated to deliver messages other than those of an emergency nature. Emergencies are:
Death of a relative or close friend
Birth (where the inmate is the father)
Serious injury to a relative
Hospitalization of a relative
Any other message the Watch Commander feels is important to warrant delivery
I am interested in becoming a Jail Officer. How and where do I apply?
The Western Tidewater Regional Jail accepts applications on a continuous basis. Applications will be maintained on file for 6 months. You may obtain a job application from the Personnel Office. The application must be picked up in person and returned in person. Only fully completed applications will be accepted. Employment
May I send pictures through the mail?
The inmate may only have 8 pictures at one time. No picture larger than 5X7 will be accepted. No computer generated or Polaroid pictures will be accepted.

My family member or friend is having trouble calling me collect from the jail. How can I fix this problem?
  • For complaints about blocked numbers call 1-888-610-7079 and press 0 for customer service. The company will verify if the phone number is blocked and the reason for the block.
  • Who can unblock a phone number? WTRJ can only unblock a number that WTRJ has blocked. The local phone company has to remove the block if they put the block in place. The vendor will have to remove the block if they put the block in place.
  • Inmates cannot request to have a block removed. The owner of the phone number must make the request,
  • To set up an account for prepayment of phone calls call 1-888-949-3303.