GTL Inmate Phone

which provides both an online method and a lobby kiosk to put funds on an inmate’s account to allow the inmate to make phone calls, purchase iCare or Oasis items among other things. Select the Connect Network button below and then select Phone Button to set up a phone calling account. Hit the contact us button for any phone related problems. Deposits to an inmate’s Canteen Fund can also be made using the KIOSK in the jail lobby. These funds can be used by the inmate for Debit calls.

Click Here to Access the Connect Network

  • Telephone equipment is designed for outgoing debit and collect calls only and limited to 15 minutes in duration to ensure equitable access to telephones for all inmates in the housing area.
  • Inmates may have telephone privileges terminated for disciplinary reasons.
  • All telephones calls are monitored and subject to recording.
  • Telephones will not be used after 10:45 p.m. or before 10:00 a.m.
  • Telephone calls to attorneys or other legal representatives shall be permitted to all inmates on a collect basis. Inmates desiring to make attorney calls may do so using the inmate telephone system in the housing area.
  • All incoming emergency phone calls shall be forwarded to the Shift Commander for scrutiny. If the incoming call is determined to be a valid emergency, the inmate shall be notified and given the opportunity to call the party and phone number received by the Shift Commander. The Shift Commander on duty receiving the call will verify the call by contacting the hospital, funeral home or appropriate family member to ensure the call is authentic. No general messages will be passed to inmates.
  • The facility has a TTY-TDD (Teletypewriter/Telecommunications Device for the Deaf) available for use by inmates. The inmate is responsible for ensuring that funds are sufficient to cover the estimated cost of a call, prior to making a call.
  • For issues concerning either the inmate phone system or the kioks in the lobby of the jail, use the ConnectNetwork link above or call 1-800-306-2957 for the kiosks or 1-877-856-3184 for the inmate phone system.