Inmate Programs

Inmates, along with their Family members and Friends can order hygiene items, tennis shoes, shorts, chips, soup, coffee, and other items that may be found in a typical convenience store. Inmates are limited to ordering up to $100 for themselves and limited to receiving $100 from family members and friends every week. An inmate can order Canteen on any day except Mondays. Canteen is delivered on alternating Tuesdays and Wednesdays per week. Money can be put on the inmates account by following the directions on the Inmate Account Button. For Family members and Friends, select the Oasis button below to get a complete list available subject to dietary restrictions. Select the state, the facility (Western Tidewater Regional Jail), and the inmate to place an order for him or her. We will not hold canteen orders for released inmates. Any issues, please contact Oasis or call 1-800-956-2747.